Innovation & Start-Ups

Creative industries, start-ups and innovative ideas are right here!

Do you have a question about "business start-ups", "subsidies", "technology centres" or "creative industries"? Are you a start-up or do you want to find out about "technology transfers"? Then our colleagues at the HUB Innovation & Start-Ups are the right people for you!

Together with our partner network, the HUB Innovation & Start-Ups supports you in accessing funding for your innovative idea or start-up. We network you with the target-oriented contacts in Duisburg to help you move forward. Our start-up competition will give your idea the attention it needs.

In this HUB, you will also receive support on all topics relating to the creative industries. The goal is to give the creative industries in Duisburg a strong home port. The HUB Innovation & Start-Ups also takes care of the companies located in the Tectrum as well as inquiries from companies to the Tectrum.

From DBI's point of view, innovation always includes the transfer of technology. Therefore, we match start-ups and SMEs in order to support an optimal and modern technology transfer in companies. In addition, through our network with the University of Duisburg-Essen, we offer the opportunity to connect companies with the university and thus implement innovation measures in companies with funding (e.g. innovation vouchers).

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