Compliance & Data Protection

Responsible Corporate Governance

Duisburg Business & Innovation (DBI) is clearly committed to responsible corporate management ("Good Corporate Governance") and compliance. For us, this meansresponsible management processes as well as compliance with legal regulations and internal requirements through the policies and guidelines anchored in DBI.


For us, compliance is an integral part of good corporate governance. We have anchored our principles in our corporate values and our daily actions and presented them clearly and comprehensibly for all employees in the DBI business directive. Our external actions are also based on the applicable laws, internal rules and social values in the respective countries and cultures, thus providing the basis for transparent, trusting and successful cooperation with our partners in the region and beyond.

Whistleblower system

A whistleblower system as a compliance instrument supports us in this commitment. It serves to prevent, detect and protect our employees so that, ideally, weak points can be identified before damage occurs. DBI employees and external business partners have the opportunity to report unclear and potentially corruption-relevant issues to an expert ombudsperson (also anonymously) at any time.


Our appointed ombudsperson is Dr. Markus Haggeney, Aulinger Attorneys at Law and Notaries Public, who receives tips about corruption or other actions damaging to trust in confidence and is thus able to protect the identity of the whistleblower.

Data protection

We take the protection of your data at DBI very seriously. Our data protection officer, Dr. Ralf Heine, Aulinger Datenschutz & Consulting GmbH, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding data protection.

All further information regarding the processing of personal data can be found in our data protection declaration at any time. For further questions on the topics of compliance, data protection and our corresponding measures, Sabine Rottmann, Head of Human Resources & Organization, will be happy to be your contact.

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