Portfolio development

Support for the development of your company in Duisburg!

If you are already located in Duisburg and need support in the development of skilled workers or in other matters, please contact our colleagues at the HUBs Bestandentwicklung. They will be happy to help you!

The core task of the Stock Development HUB is to support companies located in Duisburg in various matters along their different development phases. In doing so, we analyse your current situation together with you and, depending on your needs, draw on our valid internal and external partner network to solve or improve the situation.

We focus in particular on supporting you in the development of your company at the Duisburg location and offer you more than a helping hand in the area of finding and securing skilled workers through our skilled worker navigator. In all areas, we make sure that we find a custom-fit, individual and sustainable solution or development opportunity for you.

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