Duisburg 2027

An outlook into the Duisburg of the future

How do we want to live and work in Duisburg in the future? This question is at the heart of the structural policy action programme "Duisburg 2027".

As an economic development agency, we are actively involved in the process (specialist concept for the economy), as the activities of the DBI are focused on making Duisburg a "conceivable" business location.

Duisburg 2027 is closely linked to the redrafting of the land use plan of the city of Duisburg, whereby the views and ideas of citizens and other multipliers have played a major role in bringing the urban development strategy "Duisburg 2027" to life.

The DBI has set itself the goal of shaping the framework conditions for large players and small and medium-sized enterprises in such a way that they can develop in the best possible way at the business location. Existing jobs are to be secured for the future by empowering existing skilled workers, new settlements with an associated increase in jobs are to be created. You will find interesting facts about Duisburg 2027 here: https://www.duisburg.de/microsites/pbv/planen_bauen/duisburg-2027.php