Corporate Communications & Location Marketing

Do good and talk about it.

The colleagues at this HUB deal with internal and external company communications and are responsible for the (inter)national marketing of Duisburg as a business location.

Duisburg is a growing and exciting business location. Through our location marketing campaigns with press and public relations work as well as social media and events, we demonstrate the positive further development of Duisburg as a location with a profile. In this context, the Location Marketing & Internationalization HUB, in cooperation with external partners and other HUBs of the DBI, offers various events that highlight current information, developments and trends regarding the business location.

In the area of internationalization, we are the point of contact for investors around the globe and support them in settling in Duisburg. We are currently placing a special focus on the development of the new Silk Road, whose start/end and intersection point is located in Duisburg. In addition, we offer various international events in order to network entrepreneurs already resident in Duisburg and those interested in the business location. Last but not least, we accompany international delegations during their visit to Duisburg.

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