City Management & Retail

For a city with an experiential character and quality of stay

Our colleagues will be happy to support you in all areas relating to city management, inner city and retail development in Duisburg. Please feel free to contact us!

Together with the City Management Association, DBI is working to ensure that Duisburg develops into an exciting place to stay with an attractive city centre. The City Management and Retail HUB is responsible for ensuring that the various facets of inner city development are considered and advanced in a holistic manner.

This includes, for example, the creation of attractive experiences with a quality of stay for residents and visitors to the city centre. The planned and yet to be developed activities should lead to a positive external image of the city centre. As contact persons in the retail sector, we will be happy to support you in your search for a location in Duisburg and help you with your questions on the subject of retail in Duisburg.

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